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How much do you really appreciate the #incarnation of #Jesus #Christ?

Philippians 2:7 “…but made himself nothing, taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of man.”

Often Christians do not fully appreciate the complexities and the magnificence of the incarnation of Jesus Christ. This is one of those terms we use and honor, but those we sometimes do not fully understand or even contemplate. Paul almost forces the issue here, simply because really seeing what Jesus was willing to do exemplifies the most supreme example of humility we can ever be given. What our Savior did was more than what is portrayed on a popular reality show today where the boss of an organization goes undercover to live the life of one of his employees. Jesus didn’t go undercover. He “made himself nothing.” In other translations, the text reads that he “emptied himself.” He quite literally chose not to grasp or hold onto the privileges of His position as Lord and instead emptied Himself of those so that He could be our perfect sacrifice. Paul wrote that Jesus took “the form of a servant” and was “born in the likeness of man.” Once again the apostle used the Greek word “morphe.” Jesus literally became a servant and was born fully human, though certainly still fully God. He didn’t just dress up like a servant and a man. He became those things so that He could, in perfect humility, be the propitiation we required for salvation. Our Lord truly is the most glorious model we could ever be given on how to live in humble servitude toward our brothers and sisters.

Study/Meditation: Read Isaiah 53. How exactly did your Savior humble Himself for your sake?

*Father, I worship You in Your mercy and grace. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your humble sacrifice and Your love. Amen.