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By Holly Trask

Noise, it fills her ears. People, they gather all around her. Aromas, they fill her nose. Walls, they trap her in. Heat, it fills the room. Joy, it is glowing all around her. Thoughts, they fill her head.

She sits at a party, and how she feels is the same each time. Not sure why, she pushes herself past all the terrible things she feels because it’s important to all those around. If she appears to have a bad time, she fears she will hurt them, and she doesn’t want to be the reason why.

She has struggled with people all her life. She never got close and never cared to open her heart to those who showed her care. Her biggest fear was losing those she loved. She didn’t want to lose her heart, let it be torn, let it be crushed. She guarded it with all she had because of her lack of trust.

Drowning herself in the crowd of people, she sits alone full of sorrow. She doesn’t want to be seen; she doesn’t want to open up. With a tear on her cheek, she raises her head from her knees.

A swift movement catches her gaze. She follows it until she sees a man. With curiosity she looks and gazes upon a face. This face is like no other she has ever seen. He drew her in and she wanted to know more. His eyes locked on hers. In the room crowded with people, he was the only one she saw. Full of questions she saw he was coming near. He extended his hand out to her and asked her if she “would dance with him a Waltz of Love.” Accepting his offer, she took his hand and entered his dance. His Waltz of Love would soon be her very own song to sing and shout for every day to come.

He began his dance and brought her in close.  Taking her hand, he held her tight.  She felt him close and began to trust. When she gazed upon his eyes of love, she started to realize something new. With a voice so faint, she uttered one word, “Why?” and began to cry.

With eyes so sincere, he captured her gaze.  He answered simply, “Trust in your heart”.

He wiped away the tears and began to dance his Waltz of Love. A message so clear she began to see, see who he really was. He continued to lead and guided her through. He showed her each step as she followed him.  She was beginning to trust him and open her heart.

One little stumble was all that it took to shake her trust and set her back. Without saying a word, he picked her up and brought her back into his warm embrace. She pushed away because of her failing trust. With a firm but gentle hand, he was able to show her that she could trust. He pushed away the hair from her face and tilted her chin so she could look into his eyes. Once he had her eyes locked on his, he told her to trust because he was love. He told her this dance was her song as well, that she could be happy and trust that she was loved. He told her his guidance and tight embrace is what she needed most because without him she was a lost soul. She let go of her fear and let him inside. Her heart was open for the very first time.

As his loved poured and flowed into her heart, she was happy for the very first time. “Oh Lord oh Lord,” she cried out to him, “your love is so beautiful, for I do not deserve.”

With a sweet simple reply, “My child, my beloved, my love is so good and so perfect for you.  Trust in me and it is forever free.”

With tears of joy and a heart full of hope, she continued his waltz, for it is now her new song, and forever and ever will be the dance that she sings: The Waltz of Love.

photo of CharityBy Abiola Charity

Years back while waiting on God for the New Year as I used to every December, I fell on my back in our dining room and offered words of prayers about the coming year. Not too long afterwards, I heard the words, “NO REGRET,” so I paused to see if I just said that to myself because it sounded strange.


But as each moment passed by, the words “no regret” were impressed heavily on my heart until I accepted to pray more and look into the meaning. Gradually, I started seeing how powerful those words are and how important it is for us to live a life of no regret.

At the time of this writing, I feel so strongly in my heart that this is for as many that might have lived life on regrets, not just regretting the past life we might have lived but even a regret of the present, and God is reaching out to us at this time. Before I go further in my testimony of the word for that year, I will love to further open our eyes to some deceptions we might find ourselves in.

The word “regret” comes with fear, and many won’t admit they are living in regret because it is a silent killer of the fullness of life we are called to live. Many are slaves to “had I known” while others quietly utter “I hate myself for doing this.” Living a life of regret actually cages you with your permission.

The bible says in the book of Psalm 35:19, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers us from them all.” Part of the deliverance is regrets from those bad times of our life and wrong decisions we might have made in times of affliction. (You can read the whole chapter of the book of Psalm 35).

You can’t continue living each day with regret and make progress in life. NO, someone has to hear this! God is saying to you, “Daughter, NO REGRET.” He is calling you into a life of liberty and not bondage, a life that accesses fullness of joy and not joy in a minute, sadness of heart in the next minute because you constantly remind yourself of what you did wrong, what is not working well for you, who offends you or who you offend, battling with forgiveness, and so on.

While growing up as a child, I had wounds that left me with scars on my body. I can’t remove the scars, but I can stop saying to myself, “Why did I climb that tree?” Some people might be saying, “What led me to drinking that I got hit by a car,” “Why should I have to suffer abuse at early age and no one cares to see my pain,” “Can I ever be forgiven by this person.” I can hear all this and many more in people’s hearts, but I have also learned that HE WHO SEEKS FORGIVENESS FROM GOD MUST ALSO LEARN TO FORGIVE SELF.

Don’t forget, I can’t remove the scars, but I can see the scars every day and still be grateful to God for seeing me through and that it did not end my life.

Now, this might apply to us in different areas of life but my point is this: I went through a whole year praying and also reminding myself to live a year of NO REGRET, and by the end of that very year I can boldly say to God, “Thank you for a year of NO REGRET, nothing to regret about, not even the decisions I made.” Then I felt this peace like a river, full of gratitude to God, a heart to love wholly and forgiveness overflowing.

So I said to myself, is it possible to continue in this life of NO REGRET? I thought of a covenant prayer with God to live a life of no regrets for the rest of my life.

What is that thing that you regret in your life? Sometimes, it might be your fault or you even have someone to blame for it. Today, God is calling out to you. Enough of the bitterness and hatred that blocks you from experiencing true love. There is healing for you as you read, and God’s power is touching your heart to free you from any form of regrets in Jesus name.

To another, you might say I have nothing to regret at this time, but are you prepared to continue living with that peace we have in Christ Jesus?

The Grace of our Lord Jesus is available for us to live a life of no regret. I mean for every day, hours and secs of our life, we can live. Psalm 16:11 says, “Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence there is FULLNESS OF JOY; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.” AMEN

Let nothing withhold you from enjoying the fullness of Joy in His presence. Search your heart and let go of all that is holding you back, pray them out, and purpose to live a life of no regrets.

I will love to drop my pen for now, with much love from me to you. SAY NO TO REGRET, YOU CAN AND GOD CAN.



By Elizabeth Ryan

My son and I took a road trip to California over the summer and while we were there some friends of ours invited us to join them for dinner at their summer home in Coronado Island. It was late afternoon when we arrived at their beautiful home, our friends greeted us at the door and welcomed us in.  As we made our way in I couldn’t help but notice a large cross hanging on the wall of the foyer. It was relatively a simple, contemporary style cross that was dark in color. As I admired it I could see that it had perfectly placed tiny dots of color that covered every inch. It was obvious that this was a beautiful piece of art, meticulously hand painted by an artist. After I studied the cross for a few moments, I proceeded into the next room to enjoy time with our friends.

As evening approached, my friend began to turn lights on throughout the house. I was standing in the kitchen when again the cross, illuminated by the light, caught my attention, this time even more profoundly than the first. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was in mid-sentence when I saw it. I was completely taken back by what the light revealed. (more…)

By Bobbie Rill, M.A., LPC

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is 2 Corinthians 2:14, which says, “Now thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him.”

I remember the first time I read this verse.  Always causes us to triumph?  You’ve got to be kidding, I thought!  Not always.  As a Licensed Professional Counselor, one of the things I learned years ago when working on my Bachelor’s degree and then my Master’s in Counseling is that it’s important not to use the term always or never in reference to people because people change.  They are not always or never a certain way.  Yet the Bible says, always.  It says God always leads us in triumph or victory in Christ. (more…)

By Christian Bonner

I like emoticons. I think they are cute and a fun way to “show” how I’m feeling in my texts. My friend even had me sign up for the bitstrips app where you basically create an avatar of yourself and make comic strips of yourself and friends. She and I have a lot of fun with them and have had full conversations using them.

However, when it comes to emotions and expressing them in daily life, we can’t really use emoticons, and if we try, no amount of emoticons can make that experience more enjoyable because, well, it’s not.

Actually, I have grown to REALLY dislike the term “emotional” especially when it is used to describe someone. Today, the word is almost always used negatively. (more…)

By Tamrin Gerber

I saw an old man on the street
begging for anything he could find
I reached into my pocket and gave him everything I had
Because Love is Kind

I saw a young girl late one night
waiting on the corner of shame and regret
I took her to a shelter
Because Love always Protects

I saw my neighbor in the paper
He’d just won the lottery
I smiled and wished him all the best
Because Love does not envy

I saw my child make the same mistake
although I’d taught her different
I calmly showed her the right way again
Because Love is Patient

I saw a nation turn from God
looking everywhere else to cope
I prayed they’d find their way back
Because Love always Hopes

I saw myself in the mirror
a sinner of great detail
I remember Christ gave it all for me
Because Love never fails

I saw a man on a cross
full of Grace and Compassion
I Love because He first Loved me
Because Love is His passion

I looked again and saw myself
glowing – righteous and pure
His Love transforming me daily
To Love a lost and broken world.